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Welcome to the new AFESIP Fair Fashion (AFF) web site. AFF is a social enterprise that supports the empowerment and reintegration of women victims of trafficking, sexual exploitation, physical abuses, and any women in precarious situation in Cambodia, to help them return to a normal life with economic independence. Victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation are among the most marginalised and neglected groups in conservative Asian society. Our primary objective at AFF is to help these vulnerable women through job creation, fair employment, enterprise and skills development as well as providing them with mental health counselling and medical care. Women in the AFF program produce high-quality products under the principles of fair trade, profit from the sale of these products are reinvested into the program to help more women receive a second chance at life.Learn more about AFF





AFF offers a wide range of products, including apparel for women, men and children as well as handbags, accessories and home products. All of our products are locally produced in Cambodia by the women in our workshop. We adhere to the international standards of quality and service. Whenever possible, we use materials that are produced locally to help encourage and spread economic prosperity in Cambodia. Your purchase enables us to support women victims in their efforts to overcome their traumatic past, renew their hope and begin a new life with confidence, respect, dignity and independence. Go to our catalog.

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One of the key factors contributing to womens poverty and vulnerability to commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) is womens lack of or limited access to productive and economic resources. AFESIP Fair Fashion strives to empower women by providing jobs and skills training to promote financial self-sufficiency and independence. Empowering women means making an impact on their economic lives by providing them with sufficient income, enabling their ownership of assets, and enhancing their earning potential. Furthermore, empowering women means impacting the womens personal and social lives by building their self-esteem, supporting their increasing influence in the family structure, and providing them with avenues to influence existing beliefs about women and opportunities to improve womens status in society through membership in womens groups and organizations.