Afesip Fair Fashion
How to Order

Documents required for shipments:
1.    An invoice
2.    A bill of landing / air way bill
3.    A certificate of origin (G.S.P.- Form A)/Invoice declaration

A packing list

Payment terms
We require our clients for 50% downpayment once an order is placed on behalf of their name; settlement of the balance is required once the product delivery is notified to them. For our clients’ ease of money transfers, we have arranged for two options of bank. One is in Cambodia and the other in Spain. We leave the choice to the clients’ decision.

Product delivery
Clients are normally offered with an FOB price. If orders are requested to be delivered to anyone of our clients’ specified locations, AFF is to arrange for that at the clients’ cost.

Product quality assurance
Products are produced in accordance with the detailed specifications over direct and indirect materials, colour, size, quantity and quality as supplied by our clients. Instructions or requirements over the product packaging, terms and conditions are also strictly followed to ensure our clients get what they expect to.

Clients alerted of changes
Such changes incurred to their purchase orders as product quality, prices, quantity, raw materials, delivery terms and conditions are communicated to clients. Moreover, clients are kept informed of the status of their orders to ensure product deliveries are on time and as specified in the purchase orders.
Remarks for garments’ label and care instructions
A small washing label showing either 100% pure cotton or 100% pure silk made in Cambodia - hand wash separately 30°’ to be stitched separately on each article (not sewn into the hem!)

Product sampling
Product sample is available at clients’ requests for new items.

Commitment to our business clients
Knowing that being a producer and a distributor, business mostly relies on the quality of our products and a satisfied customer service, AFF works to its best following eight points of strategies:

•    High quality products.
•    Competitive price.
•    Profits are reinvested into creating more job opportunities for disadvantaged women in Cambodia.
•    Contribution is provided to the uplifting of such disadvantaged producers.
•    End-users would be proud of sharing their part in the reintegration of such highly disadvantaged girls, women and mothers.
•    Finished products are delivered as promised.
•    Product’s designs and specifications are always strictly followed.
•    Rules and norms for special packaging are strictly applied.