Afesip Fair Fashion
Our Impact
Our commitment to our workers

Victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation are among the socially excluded and neglected groups in Cambodian society.  Even after escaping from their oppressors, many women do not have family or support to help them reintegrate in society.  AFESIP Fair Fashion was created to specifically address this situation.  Since our inception in 2003, we have been firmly committed to providing each woman working at AFF safe and ethical employment, fair salaries, health coverage, skills training and education, and life-skills development. In doing this, we hope to give them the needed support and resources that will ultimately enable them to successfully reintegrate.

Producers work in an open, caring and friendly environment. Our organization promotes the women’s active participation and input on business processes, especially the decision-making process affecting their work and skills. They are entitled to regular vocational and life-skills training programs to help build their personal capacity so that they will be able to live a fuller life.
Our specific commitments to our producers include:

  • Employment continuously provided.
  • Ongoing capacity-building on vocational skills.
  • Career and life-skills counseling provided.
  • Respect of human rights and workers’ rights.
  • Fair wages.
  • Working hours in compliance with national labor laws.
  • Recognition and reward of producers’efforts regularly given.
  • Safe and clean working conditions.
  • Hospital and health insurance provided.
  • Nutrition and baby-care workshops regularly provided.